Centre Presbyterian Church was organized in 1765 and is currently affiliated with the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church).


We envision Centre Presbyterian Church as a Christ-centered community, standing firmly on scripture, and growing in faith, hope, and love as we reach out to our community and the world.


Worship God. Build Relationships. Serve People.

Membership Covenant

I will Protect the Unity of Christ’s Church by:

  • Seeking to live a Christ-like life
  • Acting in love towards other members and by refusing to gossip
  • Giving constructive input and by following the leaders

I will share in responsibility for Christ’s Church by:

  • Attending worship regularly and praying for Centre’s growth
  • Inviting the unchurched to attend and welcoming those who visit
  • Seeking genuine Christian fellowship in a group or class

I will serve the ministry of Christ’s Church by:

  • Giving regularly a portion of my income
  • Developing a servant’s heart and discovering my gifts and talents
  • Being equipped to serve my pastors